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This is the Family Tree of John Widdess, the first person recorded with this spelling.


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Name Dates Details
John Widdess Unknown Dates unknown. Schoolmaster at Killieshandra Co. Cavan. Lived sometime at Beagh Castle Co. Limerick.
John Widdess II 1835-1884 Assistant Registrar, Probate Court, Limerick. Deputy Registrar, Diocesan Court, Limerick. Died in Limerick.
Louisa Brew 1849-1925 Daughter of Matthew Brew, clerk (1802-1890) and Mary Anne Brew (1822-1854). Married at St. Michael's Church Limerick, Feb. 4Th 1871.
Matthew Brew Widdess 1876- Born in Limerick. Married 1905 St. Michael's Church Limerick. Member of the Pharmaceutical society (Ireland). Lived for some time in Belfast; then Dublin with his son.
Emily Irene Irwin Unknown Daughter of John Henry Irwin, a Limerick Jeweller.
Jane Irwin 1909-1942 Known as Jill. Married Walter Campbell, Insurance Inspector. No Issue. Disappeared mysteriously from her brother's house in Dublin, 1942.
Abraham Widdess 1853-1927 Captain, Mercantile Marine Service, Blue Star Line. Captain in Royal Military Transport 1914-1918. Torpedoed in English Channel whilst in command of the 'Harpalion'. Died in Cardiff at the home of his second daughter Louie, 1927.
Margaret Jane Macmurray Unknown Born at Lisnalee Co. Antrim. Great admirer of Robert Burns much of whose work she could quote from memory.
Agnes Louisa Widdess 1882-1959 School Teacher. Inter. BA University of Wales. Headmistress of Gladstone School, Cardiff. Retired 1949. Photo
Frances Elizabeth Widdess 1883-1950 Known as Lily. Keen raconteur, and with a delightful sense of humour.
Edmund Charles Morgan Willmot Unknown Architect. F.R.I.B.A. Designer of Princess Elizabeth's (now Queen) Welsh Cottage, presented by the people of Wales. Designer of Cardiff General Hospital. Held a commission during the First World War.
Alexander Gilbert Robertson Unknown Architect. Partner to E. C. M. Willmot.
Esther Alyce Widdess Unknown School Teacher. Keen sportswoman. Excelled at golf. Ladies Captain of Radyr Golf Club and also Purley Down.
Dan Luke Unknown Managing Director of Watts Steamship Co. Served in an unknown capacity in the First World War. Son of Captain Luke of the Mercantile Marine.
Edmund Watts Unknown Managing Owner of Watts Steamship Co.
Clifford Croft Unknown Stockbroker on London Stock Exchange. He and his wife were very active members of St. Barnabas Church, Purley. Of which he was Vicar's Warden.
David Henry Widdess 1855-1915 Chief Steward in White Head, Bray Head, and Howth Head, of the Ulster Steamship Co. In early manhood served in Colonel Baker's Horse Regiment in Cape Colony during the Zulu campaighns. Died at his brother Abraham's house in 1915. Photo
Mary Ann Widdess 1859-1892 known as Marianne, died in Dublin 1892.
Rebecca Widdess 1861- School teacher who married a school teacher, who taught in a Galway school; married in Limerick 1880.
John George Widdess 1865- Post Office Official, Limerick and London. Served in the Welsh Fusiliers in Wrexham. Married a Galway girl, a Roman Catholic, some of his children became Catholic.
Aubrey Widdess Unknown Protestant, sang in a Dublin Church Choir. Married Choir lady called Love. According to Jack Widdess son of Matthew, Aubrey had a lovely tenor voice.
Son of John George Widdess Unknown Roman Catholic. At one time in the Welsh Fusiliers, in Limerick, during which period he visited Matt and Emmie. On leaving the army lived at Seapoint, Blackrock. Served two sentences for burglary.
Wife of John George Widdess Unknown Mrs. John George came with her family, with the exception of her eldest daughter, to Seapoint, where she opened a small shop for the sale of sweets, tobacco, etc. John George remained in London.
Daniel Charles Hogan Unknown A Roman Catholic, son of Cornelius Horgan, farmer Co. Cork.
Sarah Widdess 1867-post 1914 Born in Limerick; died in Belfast; a Nurse by profession. During his last illness David Henry spent some time at her house, in Belfast. A deeply religious woman.
John David Henry Widdess (1906-)

Known as Jack. Professor of Biology and Librarian, Royal College of surgeons, Ireland.

Clinical bio-chemist to St. Laurence's (Richmond) Hospital, Dublin.

LRCP & LRCS (Ireland) 1931

BA 1938

MA 1941, University of Dublin.

Gladys Mary Michael Unknown Daughter of Thomas Michael, builder. Married 1935 at Christ Church, Leeson Park, Dublin.
Abraham Talmage (Known as Jack) Widdess Unknown Manager of the Cardiff branch of Gresham Insurance Co. Served in the first world war.
Mildred Harris (Cissie) 1886-1974 Known as Cissie, daughter of a Cardiff Ship's Chandler.
John Kenneth (Ken) Widdess 1915-1982 Fought with the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War, where he was taken prisoner. Served in the Royal Artillery as a First Lieutenant during the second world war. After the war he became a Chartered Secretary and the a Member of the Association of Cost & Works Accountants. Photo
Roger Widdess 1924- Contested the Penylan (Cardiff) ward in the interests of the labour party in 1952. Worked for the National Coal Board. Photo
Isabella Kennedy Unknown Of Rostrevor Co. Down. Member of Parish Church Choir. A lifelong friend of Margaret Jane MacMurray, both maids in service in Harley St. London.
David Charles Widdess 1892- School Teacher; trained at St. Paul's Cheltenham, 1911-1913. Had a brief and inglorious period with the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry during the first world war. Headmaster of Thornton Church School 1941-1954. Photo
Florence Wade Unknown Daughter of Joe Wade of Bradford. Schoolteacher, trained at Southlands T.C. Battersea. Married at Girlington Methodist Church 1917.
David Sydney Widdess 1918- Educated at Thornton Church School, and Bradford Grammar School. Open Exhibition in Classics to Christ's College Cambridge, 1936. BA 1940. Later MA. Coxed Christ's first boat, and Secretary of the Rowing Club. Master of the Classical VI th. Lancaster Royal Grammar School. Photo
Dorothy Hainsworth Unknown Daughter of Jack and Lilian Hainsworth of Wicken House, Thornton. Born in Tasmania.
Arthur Geoffrey Widdess 1920-

Educated at Thornton Church School, and Bradford Grammar School. Open Scholarship to Christ's College Cambridge 1939. BA Double First Classics and Theology 1943. Later MA.

Ridley Hall Theological College, 1943-1946. Ordained Deacon, 1947, Liverpool Cathedral. Priest 1948.

Missionary Service in Shanghai (St. John's University).

Chaplain, St. Stephen's College, Hong Kong.

Tutor, United Theological College, Bangalore.

Ordained Presbyter of the Church of South India.

Vice Principal of St. John's Theological College, University of Durham, England. Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Leicester.

Chaplain to the University of Leicester, Principal of St Aidan's Theological College, Birkenhead, Vicar of Huntington (York), and finally Canon Treasurer of York Minster.

Doris Henderson Unknown Schoolteacher. Trained at St. Hilds College, University of Durham.
Richard Widdess 1951- Born Keswick, educated Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, fellow of Christ's College Cambridge 1977-9, lecturer in ethnomusicology at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London 1979 to present.
Michael Widdess 1946- Born Cardiff. Educated at Primary schools in Cardiff & Leeds, then Roundhay Scool Leeds, Moseley Hall Grammar School Cheadle, and The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe (1960-1965). Worked in the Computer Industry after leaving School; First in Data Processing, then in Data Communications Software Development and Support. Currently in Information Technology.
Timothy Widdess 1948-

Born Cardiff. Educated at Primary schools in Cardiff & Leeds, then Moseley Hall Grammar School Cheadle, and The Royal Grammar School High Wycombe (1960-1966).

Worked in Data Processing until 1988, when he left to attend Theological College in Bristol. Ordained as a Methodist Minister in 1991. Since the has been Circuit minister in Yardley (Birmingham), and currently Blackpool. Plays drums and guitar as well as singing in Church functions.

Jonathan Widdess 1973- Born and bred in High Wycombe, educated at The Royal Grammar School, and University of Wales at Aberystwyth. Graduated 1994, in economics.
Rebekah Widdess 1977- Born and bred in High Wycombe, educated at The Wycombe High School.
Margaret Widdess 1950- Born in Born Cardiff. Educated at Primary schools in Cardiff, Leeds, Bramhall (Cheshire), and The Lady Verney High School High Wycombe (1960-1966). Has worked as PA to various Company Directors. Then went back to Bucks College to study Computing. After obtaining her B. Tech, she worked at the College as Network Administator. She has since attained an Open University Degree in Computer Studies, and is continuuing now for an Honours degree. Currently works for McLaren Cars.
Zoe Trinder-Widdess 1976- Reading English at Somerville College, Oxford.
Menna Trinder-Widdess 1977- Studied Art at Wycombe & Amersham College.
Helen Widdess 1954- Born in Born Cardiff. Educated at Primary schools in Leeds, Bramhall (Cheshire), and High Wycombe, then The Lady Verney High School High Wycombe (1965-1972). Went to Secretarial College, and became a secretary at London University where she met and married Omar Ishrak PhD, from Bangladesh. Currently living in Chicago. Previously California for 10 years.
Janina Maria Dubinski 1960- Known as Nina, works in Social Services for Bucks County Council. Assistant Head of Orchard House Childrens' Home, High Wycombe. Keen Desktop Publisher.
Natasha Jayne Widdess 1983- Currently studying at Wycombe High School. Plays the Clarinet, grade 3. Keen actress in middle school productions. English Language is her forte.
Anouska Louise Widdess 1985- Currently at Hamilton Middle School. Keen musician and singer, plays piano and recorder. Very keen on Science.

I hope future generations will maintain these details and add future details.

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